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SUPOR Medical Stone Frying Non-stick Pan

SUPOR Medical Stone Frying Non-stick Pan

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Fully New and Never Used!

We bought a batch of stone non-stick pans that were sold at a low price during the epidemic period. The bottom of these pans were composite thickened to ensure non-stick effects. The original price was $45, and their quantity was small, so they will be off once sold out!
Medical stone non-stick pan is very easy to use. Its advantages are heat preservation, non-stick, fresh preservation and easy cleaning.
1. Heat preservation: After stewing, dishes can maintain their freshness and color;
2. Flavor: Due to the unique effect of medical stone, it can extend the storage period and increase the freshness of dishes.
3. Eliminating odors: During the process of stewing dishes, medical stone absorbs impure odors from the dishes, thereby achieving the effects of removing odors.
4. Supplementary nutrition: During the process of stewing dishes, medical stone frying pot can dissolve minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, lead, silicon, iodine, and trace elements. The iron content increases by more than ten times and the manganese content increases by more than 50%.

One-year quality guarantee, you can feel comfortable to buy it!

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