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Reticulated Series Coffee Powder Hammer Stainless Steel Powder Distributor

Reticulated Series Coffee Powder Hammer Stainless Steel Powder Distributor

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Product Features:
Two-in-one mesh embossing coffee tamper powder hammer & coffee powder strirrer needle, magnetic connection, easy to use and save space.
Food-grade 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, healthy and durable. Enlarge the stirring area, and the circular-arc design of the needle is not easy to pierce the hand or damage the filter cup during use,rugged and durable.
Curved base increases the density of the coffee powder and avoids the fixing screws of the water separator of the coffee machine.
Long and thin needle,wide srirring area:0.4mm thick needle for even distributing.
Easily dispense lumps of ground coffee , Effectively improve the spatter problem caused by the agglomeration of fine powder,or produce channel effects , etc. Optimize extraction.
Beautiful in appearance and thick and stable overall, comfortable to grip, and not easy to slip off. It is a professional coffee tool that baristas deserve to have.

Material: Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel
Bottom Diameter: 53.3mm/2.10inch, Overall Height: 82mm/3.23inch
Bottom Diameter: 58.3mm/2.29inch, Overall Height: 82mm/3.23inch
Stirring Needle Size: 30mm *58mm/1.18*2.28inch


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