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Gas Stove Cleaning Steel Wire Brush Dormitory Descaling Flat

Gas Stove Cleaning Steel Wire Brush Dormitory Descaling Flat

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Product Category: Gas Stove Brush

Material: Plastic


Cooktop cleaning brush

Quickly remove oil stains

Two types of brushes|Comfortable grips|Comprehensive cleaning


Dense bristles: positive and negative bristles for easy cleaning

Flat spatula: The grease will be removed with a shovel when it is thicker

Tail hook design: Brush tail hook design is more convenient to store


Tough copper-plated steel brush

For cleaning the varnished surface of the cooktop

Protect the stove surface from scratches, only clean without damage


Fine PP brush head

Cleans Dirt and Oil Stains

Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a single brush, thoroughly cleaning without leaving stains


PP wool

Soft bristle material

Soft bristles are used to clean the dust and dirt between various small items


Both positive and negative bristles

Comprehensive solution to cleaning problems

Accurate division of labor, improve cleaning efficiency, and meet different needs


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