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Double Tier Soft Top Canopy and Steel Frame with hook and Bar Counters

Double Tier Soft Top Canopy and Steel Frame with hook and Bar Counters

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Large Space Canopy

The bbq gazebo provides the shade, the Gazebo Canopy can offer you lots of shade and shelter in hot sun and light rain. And the entire gazebo tent is big enough to accommodate around 3-4 people.This product is the perfect choice to enable you to share outdoor time with your family and friends.

High Quality Structure

Crafted from high grade steel, the metal frame is coated with a rust-resistance substance to ensure many years of fun in the sun. The top material is 100% polyester, made of 180g strong polyester fiber and flame retardant treated fabric, which can provide you with a comfortable weatherproof coating. The fabric's water repellency allows rain to fall easily, while providing UV and fire protection.

Optimal Accessories

This Grill Gazebo includes 1 crafted bottle opener & 2 iron meshes table & 8 Pegs on the frame & 1 hook on the middle top, and so on. The two shelves offer adequate space for cooking, preparing food and placing drinks. The left shelf comes with high-quality hooks to allow you hang glasses, plastic bags, and any other small items you may require.

Double-Tiered Top

The two-tiered top is specially designed to protect against windy conditions by dispersing gusts of wind for increased stability. The smoke from grilling can easily vent out through the top to ensure you and your family a clean, smoke-free outdoor experience.

Simply Assembly

Complete assembly easily with the clear, included step-by-step manual. We provide both pre-sale and post-sale customer service should you have any questions or concerns.


室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-12室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-13室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-14室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-15室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-16室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-17室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-18室外烧烤凉亭,8 x 5英尺,遮蔽帐篷,双层软顶篷和钢架,带挂钩和吧台,灰色-19

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