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Dish Kitchen Storage Table Chopsticks Rack

Dish Kitchen Storage Table Chopsticks Rack

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Product Parameters

Product Name: Dish Drain Rack

Color: Black, Blue, Apricot

Material: High Quality PP + Stainless Steel

Size: 24*31*33cm


Multifunctional Draining Dish Rack

For placing dishes, tableware, etc.


Layers in an orderly manner to prevent falling

Good envelopment, low center of gravity, stable storage of plates


360° full surround

The dishes are surrounded by the surrounding, not easy to slip, firm and stable


Detachable hook

Two hooks on both sides for hanging spoons and other items


Chopsticks tube

Hanging Chopsticks Cage Bottom Hollow Drain Design

Water tray

Detachable drip tray for easy cleaning and draining



The accessories are as follows:

Bottom shelf*1 Water tray*1 Hook*2 Chopstick holder*1 Upper shelf*2 Supporting frame*2


Installation Steps

Take a support plate

Take the upper bracket and link the support plate

Take the second upper bracket, the steps are the same as the second step

Install the bottom bracket

Insert the second support plate

Put the bowl rack upright, remove the lower sink and install it

Simple and convenient to complete the stand display

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