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Creative vacuum environment-friendly silicone cover storage tray skinny stacks

Creative vacuum environment-friendly silicone cover storage tray skinny stacks

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The storage trays that keep food fresher, longer!

  • Ultra-durable puncture resistant silicone lid.
  • Convenient stackable tray design
  • Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe
  • See-through super stretchy lid.

Tired of food storage containers that clutter up your fridge and cabinets? Fed up with cling wrap that's messy, and foil that doesn't preserve freshness?

Introducing Skinny Stacks, the incredible food storage trays that stack flat and keep food fresh. Just place your food in the tray, cover, and click. The secret is the durable silicone lid that stretches around your food and eliminates air when you close it, keeping it fresher longer. And don't let the appearance fool you -- our silicone lid is TOUGH! We promise you won't break it!

Other storage trays are a mess, but Skinny Stacks' stackable design will save you space in your fridge AND your cabinets. They're perfect for all occasions; birthdays, celebrations, in the RV, and more. Serve appetizers directly from the tray, or take your lunch to work and use the lower tray as a microwave-safe plate.

Skinny Stacks are easy to clean - just drop them in the dishwasher, and they come out looking brand new every time. Why use disposable plastic wrap when you can use Skinny Stacks over and over again? Stop wasting money on cling wrap and tin foil, and keep your food fresh the easy way with Skinny Stacks.

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