Second-hand home appliances for Smart Home are favored by more people

Second-hand home appliances for Smart Home are favored by more people

When entering the door, you don't need to press the fingerprint with the key to unlock it. At the same time as opening the door, the indoor lights light up; When sleeping, you can turn off all the lights at home with just one command; During breaks, the sweeping robot will automatically clean the house

With the advancement of technology, such scenarios continue to appear in consumers' lives, and home products with "intelligent" attributes are also becoming popular.
In addition to new products, high-quality second-hand smart home appliances have also become an important choice for many consumers.

Mutually beneficial policies and markets make the smart hom market heating up.

Under the combination of favorable policies and market demand, China's smart home appliance and home furnishing industry is facing new development opportunities.
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other departments jointly released the Action Plan for Promoting High Quality Development of the Home Furnishing Industry (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The plan proposes to enhance the innovation capacity and supply of the home furnishing industry, and promote high-quality consumption of home furnishing brands through high-quality supply. Among them, smart home is a key focus area, and the policy clearly points out the establishment of 500 smart home experience centers by 2025.
Industry data shows that the demand for smart home products is continuously increasing driven by the upgrading of home ownership and consumption.
In 2021, the scale of China's smart home device market reached 580 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 800 billion yuan by 2025. From the perspective of sub categories, the QuestMobile report shows a strong rise in the consumption of intelligent cleaning appliances such as sweeping robots and washing machines, which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.
In addition, the public's consumption preference has shifted from initially focusing on "experience" to "practicality", placing greater emphasis on whether functions are practical, and has a higher acceptance of machines with higher intelligence, composite functions, and high cost-effectiveness.

Buying high-quality second-hand smart home appliances makes it easy to "lie flat" and save money when returning home

Intelligent home products have liberated consumers' hands and also brought more imagination and happiness to people.
From the perspective of consumer group, the main consumer group of smart home appliances is still young consumers, with a large portion being born in the 1990s. This group of people pursue the trend and have high requirements for quality of life, but objectively, their purchasing power will also be limited. According to QuestMobile's data, only 9.3% of young users have a median consumption capacity of over 3000 yuan.
Correspondingly, many new intelligent products are not cheap in price.
For example, the price range of floor washing machine products is mostly between 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan, which reaches 42%; The price of more intelligent sweeping robots is about a thousand yuan higher than that of washing machines, with prices ranging from 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan and from 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan accounting for 40.9% and 31% respectively.
There is a willingness to consume, but there is a gap between the purchasing power and the price of smart products, which has led many consumers to pursue higher cost-effectiveness, making second-hand home appliances a better choice.
According to the transferred group data, the main buyers of second-hand home appliances on the platform are the post-85 generation. In terms of product categories, smart Small appliance and traditional household appliances are very popular.
According to the latest ranking of the hot sales of household appliances, many sweeping robot products are on the list. In addition, smart refrigerators and smart Rice cooker are also consumers' favorites.
For example, Mijia Intelligent Rice cooker C1, which is specially prepared for cooking experts, ranks second in the list and is extremely hot. The product continues Xiaomi's consistent white design and has a good appearance; Equipped with 8 built-in cooking functions, it can dynamically adjust firepower according to different modes. When using, just put the ingredients into the pot according to the recipe. Even Xiaobai can easily use it. The price of a 90% new high-capacity Rice cooker in the official inspection mall is less than 100 yuan.

The frequently visited Xiaomi Sweeping Robot 1T is one of the favorites of young people, equipped with S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance function and 3DVSLAM visual navigation, which can accurately plan cleaning routes; With a super large suction force of 3000Pa, dust, hair, and debris are swept away, and the integrated function of sweeping and dragging makes cleaning more efficient with half the effort. In addition, there are also functions such as timed cleaning and intelligent detection of dust collection boxes that can be set, making it easy to enjoy happy times. This new sweeping robot, which costs nearly a thousand yuan, can be purchased for just over 600 yuan while rotating.
For consumers, Maodeng not only provides intelligent products with high cost-effectiveness, but also relieves them of their worries with its comprehensive fulfillment service system. For example, household appliances sold in official inspection stores can only be put on sale after undergoing professional testing, and in addition, they can also enjoy corresponding after-sales services.
Overall, when the concept of "full house intelligence" arises, the integration of smart home products and living scenarios will undoubtedly accelerate. Faced with the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, second-hand home appliance products that balance cost-effectiveness and quality are also important supplements to new products; More and more young consumers are also realizing that new home appliances are very good, and high-quality second-hand home appliances are actually fragrant.
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