How to Select a Right Washbasin Faucet

How to Select a Right Washbasin Faucet

Faucet is the most common hardware in daily life, and we use it every day. A suitable faucet can effectively improve our convenience and comfort in life. However, most of us have never installed or replaced a faucet before and don't know what type of faucet to choose.

Here we have summarized the most common types of faucets on the market and provided a detailed introduction on how to choose the right faucet. If you are considering replacing a new washbasin or looking for ways to improve the convenience of washbasin, don't miss it.

Faucet Type 

Washbasin faucet mainly has four major types with different functions for each. Before purchasing a faucet, it's important and necessary to understand the characteristics and water outlet methods of these faucets.

Single Connection Faucet

A single connection faucet is the simplest faucet, which can be connected to a cold or hot water pipe and only has a simple drainage function.

The working principle of single connection faucet: it's equipped with a main shaft for closing the handle. Its main shaft prevents the flow of water by fixing the valve in original position; after opening the handle and rotating the shaft to release the frame, the water flows out.

The main types of single connection faucets include: horizontal faucets, double head faucets, waterfall faucets, horizontal universal faucets, vertical mixed faucets, kitchen faucets, etc.

Double Connection Mixed Faucet

The double connection mixed faucet can be connected to both hot and cold water pipes simultaneously. Like a single connection faucet, the water drainage can be controlled by turning the handle, but this faucet can be connected to two hot and cold water pipes, with cold and hot water mixed at the outlet. Therefore, the temperature can be adjusted by the rotation amplitude of handle.

The main types of double handle mixed faucet include wall-mount and deck-mount types.

Single Handle Mixed Faucet

Single handle mixed faucet can adjust the temperature and amount of water via a handle. Its water output is controlled by moving the handle up and down, and the temperature is adjusted by moving the handle sideways. There are various design types of single handle mixed faucets that can easily match the style of washbasin.

The main types of single handle mixed faucets include four types of wall-mounted, deck-mounted, single hole faucets and those with pull-out hoses.

Thermostatic Mixed Faucet

The thermostatic mixed faucet is a faucet with an integrated thermostat that can adjust the temperature. The thermostat will automatically adjust the amount of mixed hot and cold water, ensuring that the water doesn't become hot or cold, and ensuring that the water is discharged at a stable temperature.

Its water output can be adjusted by its handle. The thermostat handle can also adjust the water temperature.

Key considerations for selecting a washbasin faucet

With the continuous development of technology, there are more and more types of faucets on the market, and their functions are becoming more and more diverse. Below, I will share some reference items when installing mixed faucets.

Firstly, we need to consider what kind of functionality is needed. We wash and organize our hair on the washbasin every day. The washbasin is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used places in the house, so a functional washbasin can effectively save time and improve life comfort. Here, Maodeng recommends some functional faucets that can be installed in washbasins.

Environment-friendly Single Handle Faucet

A mixed faucet is a type of faucet that provides both hot and cold water. Nowadays, single handle faucets are common in kitchens and bathrooms, where hot and cold water can be switched by turning the handle to left or right. Usually, turning the handle to left is for supplying hot water, and turning it to right is for supplying cold water. When the handle is in the middle position, it's a "balance of hot and cold water". In spring and autumn, when the water temperature is close to the skin temperature, the sensation of water temperature may be dull, but this means that when you turn on the faucet, the water heater will work, even if you don't want to use hot water, thus it causes some energy consumption.

This has to mention the recently popular "environment-friendly single handle faucet". This new faucet has improved it, even if the handle is in the middle, it will not cause the starting of water heater. When the handle is turned to the hot water area, a 'click' sound will be heard, thus you can easily know if there is currently hot water flowing out.

Faucet Aerator

As long as an aerator is installed at the faucet outlet, it can make the faucet come out with bubbles, which greatly saves cleaning time and prenvents water from splashing around, making it relatively gentle for the skin.

Many faucet filters now come with their own aerators, which not only further purify water quality but also save a lot of water resources.

Sensing Faucet

If you don't want to make your wet hands touch the handle, we have a corresponding solution for it too. The automatic sensing faucet can meet your needs. The sensing faucet is equipped with a sensor, and when your hand is placed on the handle, the faucet will automatically turn on. Meanwhile, this faucet can also prevent water accumulation in the area around the handle and prevent forgetting to turn off the faucet.

Antifreeze Insulation Faucet

In cold weather, common faucets may not be used due to low temperature. The antifreeze insulation faucet is equipped with an antifreeze drain plug under the handle to ensure normal use in cold weather. Families in colder climates can choose to use this faucet.


After considering functionality, it's also necessary to consider the installation height, especially the mixed faucet. It's important to remember adjusting the height of mixed faucet to the washbasin. If the faucet is installed too high, water will easily splash. Meanwhile, for families with children, its height is difficult for use of children and it may also cause accidents such as falls during use.

The washbasin is the most frequently used place in every household today, occupying a crucial position in family life. Therefore, when installing faucets, it's necessary to understand the different types of faucets in advance and choose the most suitable faucet.

The variety and complexity of faucets make people dizzy. Therefore, when purchasing a mixed faucet, choosing the most functional faucet that suits your lifestyle can more effectively improve your efficiency and comfort.

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