How to select a good kitchen faucet for your kitchen

How to select a good kitchen faucet for your kitchen

Common faucets are divided into kitchen faucets, basin faucets, shower faucets, etc. according to their usage scenarios. The kitchen faucet is the most frequently used faucet in households, and it is indispensable for daily vegetable washing, dishwashing, and cooking. Therefore, the kitchen should be equipped with a high-quality and healthy faucet. Choosing a good kitchen faucet should focus on the following aspects:

1. The material selection for faucets is recommended to be stainless steel, which is not only environmentally friendly and hygienic, but also easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. For the kitchen, this material is not only safe, but also easy to clean with regular grease. Common types of stainless steel include 201, 202, 304, 316, and so on. Generally speaking, faucets will choose 304 food grade stainless steel as the material.

2. The selection of valve core is the heart of faucet, which not only determines the quality of water, but also affects the possibility of water leakage. Choosing a good valve core is also crucial. The faucet valve core mainly includes rubber valve core, stainless steel valve core, and ceramic valve core. At present, various brands of faucets on the market generally use ceramic valve cores, which have advantages such as good quality, corrosion resistance, and good sealing. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ceramic valve cores when selecting valve cores.

3. Kitchen faucets are often installed on the sink, so it is recommended to choose a faucet that can rotate back and forth. If it is a double sink, it can be convenient to wash vegetables and dishes at the same time, which is more flexible and convenient.

4. It is best to choose some common brands on the market when choosing a faucet. Don't be tempted by cheap prices and choose some miscellaneous brands. After all, brands not only have guaranteed quality, but also convenient after-sales service.

Based on our experience, we would like to recommend several kitchen faucet products:


1.  M-C200M

This faucet is a 304 stainless steel kitchen multifunctional pull-out faucet that can rotate 360 degrees and pull freely. Surface brushing process, not easily stained with oil and easy to clean. Dual mode water outlet mode with one click control for flexible water outlet. Gravity hammer design, easy to pull, tightly sealed ceramic valve core, strong sealing, no dripping on and off, more worry free. There is a clear water outlet label for both hot and cold water, with a thickened and smooth handle for one click adjustment of water outlet.



This faucet has exquisite craftsmanship, precise brushing technology, and a high-quality anti scratch texture. Three types of water discharge methods, capable of pulling and rotating 360 °, suitable for dual slot use, with dual temperature control for both hot and cold. Arrow brand faucets are made of food grade 304 stainless steel raw materials and brand new ceramic valve cores.


3. 33080

This faucet has a 360 ° rotatable outlet pipe and an elegant arc faucet, making it easy to clean kitchen items of all sizes. We use high-quality stainless steel hoses, with clear markings on the surface for hot and cold water, making installation easier to distinguish. The soft bubbler provides smooth and comfortable water flow. Using a precise and gentle bubbler, the water flow is released smoothly, not easily splashed, with a comfortable feel and more water-saving. Precision ceramic valve core, no dripping during long-term use. High quality electroplating, durable and corrosion-resistant Jiumu innovative surface treatment technology, rich in metallic luster, not easy to peel off and fade.


4. K-21366T-4-CP

This faucet features a ceramic valve core, bidding farewell to dripping. Fine woven hose, smooth pull-out, durable and long-lasting. The bubbler produces soft water, prevents splashing, and is silent and water-saving.

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