How to place the kitchen appliances for space saving?

How to place the kitchen appliances for space saving?

The placement of kitchen appliances is an art, considering that when cooking delicious food, we often need to have an overall layout. However, when facing various kitchen appliances, how do we put them in order to be clean and tidy? Today, let's introduce some of the most basic kitchen layouts!

U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped layout generally appears in larger and more square kitchens, and  U-shaped kitchen with three walls of cabinets provides more ample space for storing appliances and preparing meals for multiple people simultaneously. In a U-shaped kitchen, each functional area can be better divided, with the largest operating surface, the shortest moving line, and the highest space utilization rate. Among all kitchen layouts, 'U-shaped' is recognized as a highly efficient and practical kitchen type.

Cooking and storage are both integrated, with a more reasonable space and a perfect triangular structure, providing delicious creators with a pleasant cooking experience.

Straight line kitchen

A straight line kitchen generally refers to a kitchen layout where cabinets are arranged in a straight line and all operating areas are in a straight line. It is a standard configuration for small or apartment units.

Due to the shape characteristics of "straight line" kitchen, all work in the kitchen will be completed in a straight line. Therefore, it is best to follow the basic kitchen usage sequence of "washing, cutting, and frying" to arrange the order and position of refrigerator, cutting board operating table, stove and other areas in the kitchen, in order to improve the efficiency of operation.

It is necessary to pay attention to the placement of kitchen items, electrical appliances, and commonly used items. The placement of items should be determined based on the frequency of use as much as possible to avoid walking back and forth, which may lead to fatigue during use.

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen is called a semi enclosed kitchen, and the core part of this type of kitchen is actually the L-shaped corner, which can reasonably allocate three working areas of washing, cutting and frying, making the distribution of entire kitchen area relatively reasonable, very convenient to use, and quite stylish.

L-shaped kitchens have become the mainstream of home decoration because they not only effectively solve storage problems, but also distinguish between vegetable washing and cooking, allowing everyone to perform their own duties and truly achieve the goal of vegetable washing and cooking.
The kitchen is the home's flavoring ground and also a mediator of living temperature. When smart kitchen appliances meet the kitchen, making cooking and life more beautiful.

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