Client Story Related to Second Hand Household Appliances

With the continuous development of times, the electric products we use are also changing day by day. And the large-scale electric products entering our lives, followed by the rise of transactions between electric products, which is the market for second-hand products gradually becoming hot.

We had just finished work that day when my colleague Wang stopped us and asked us to go to his house for dinner. After all, we get along well in the company and often help each other. So please have a meal and connect with us.

After reaching Brother Wang's house, the layout of two bedroom and one living room is quite reasonable. Brother Wang is from another place, and his family is also from outside, so the house here is rented. When we rented it out, there were no household appliances at home, only two beds and sofas. We also helped Brother Wang rent a house together. But this time, we came to see everything from furniture and appliances to TV dramas, air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. Seeing so many household appliances, I asked Brother Wang, why did you rent a house and buy a set of household appliances? It's not cheap, did it cost at least ten thousand yuan? Brother Wang smiled mysteriously.

Later, Brother Wang explained to us that all of his household appliances were bought in the second-hand market, some of which were traded in the same city and were mostly very new. In total, he bought them for less than half of new cost. Speaking of second-hand appliances, Brother Wang also reminds us of the tricks involved

1: Firstly, it's important to have a clear understanding of production dates of these household appliances. With the rapid development of technology, the quality has also improved. However, it is not recommended to purchase previous household appliances. Before purchasing, it's necessary to provide invoices or other information from merchants or individuals. If the purchase date is more than 5 years, don't purchase them, in order to avoid future damage or repairs.

2: It is best to buy some brand appliances for second-hand appliances, as it's easy to repair even after a long period of time. If it's a niche brand, the accessories of appliances may be gone after a few years

3: The longer a second-hand household appliance is used, the higher the power consumption of product is. This may not be mentioned to you by others, but you should also pay attention to it and try to buy a household appliance with a shorter time.

4: The best way to buy second-hand home appliances is to find a personal seller, rather than a merchant. To put it bluntly, personal situations are more realistic.

In fact, to put it bluntly, second-hand home appliances are mainly cheap, and there are also many problems that can easily lead to pitfalls. I think renting a house like Wang is quite suitable. If it's your own home, would you choose second-hand appliances?